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Let’s talk about DECISIONS.

Did I just hear a groan out of you?

Did you know the average person makes about 35,000 “choices” every day.

Can you imagine if you hemmed and hawed over each one of those?! YIKES!

Some decisions are easy…

Should I add some peanut butter to my chocolate protein shake?
➡ Um, YES! No brainer!

Should I put on some sensible boots for this snowy Colorado weather?
➡ Of course!

But some decisions are trickier…

Should I sign up for that course? It’s a lot of money…
Should I do a launch now, or wait till spring?
Should I offer a group program?
Should I close down my membership?
Should I collaborate with that person?
Should I send out affiliate emails?
Should I raise my rates?

We can have total meltdowns and strong resistance around making tough decisions because we fear that by deciding on one thing, we might miss out on all the other cool things we want to do.

So what happens when the decisions seem trickier is that we might avoid making them.

We might “wait and see what happens”.

We might “let the Universe decide.”

We might say, “If it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s a NO.”

Well, sometimes, it might not feel like a HELL YES because it’s a freakin’ SCARY one instead! Doesn’t make it the wrong choice, though!

When we “wait and see” or “let the Universe decide” we are giving up our power, our right to choose. We are wimping out. We’re letting excuses and circumstances get in the way, and what’s worse is, we’re making those “reasons” that we didn’t move forward.

We let ourselves off the hook. And our dreams silently fade away for now, for next time.

And we stay right where we are.

Next time you’re in decision-making mode, use these four questions as a way to come to a decision from your own power, instead of from outside forces and situations:

  1. Ask yourself: Do I really want this? Where is the desire coming from?
  2. Instead of focusing on what you might lose (“That’s a lot of money/time to invest!”) what do you stand to gain when you say yes?
  3. Will this decision impact your desire to move forward in life (business, health, relationship, career, etc.)?
  4. Will it stretch you and allow you to grow? Will it make you uncomfortable?

When you have clarity on these four guidelines, the decision will be clear. The HOW won’t be, but the RIGHT CHOICE will be.

When we align our decisions with our true desires, our soul’s calling… the Universe meets us there and shows us the HOW.

Success is not about where you’re at now; it’s about where, and who, you decide you’re going to be.

Make your decisions from there.


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