Welcome, Sister!

My name is Katie Collins and I’m on a mission to transform your fear of sales into excitement for both your offer, and the conversation you’ll have when selling it.

You’re looking to create and sell profitable packages and programs, but you want them to be aligned with who you are so that you’ll never feel pushy or sales-y.

You’re in the right place! I’ve got you, my friend!

Who do I work with?

My ideal client is a high achieving woman who understands the value of investing in herself and her business. I work with women Coaches and Online Experts who are passionate about providing extraordinary work for their clients.

We’ll be a great fit if…

  • You’re looking to release the resistance that’s holding you back from selling, and be a much bigger player in your industry.
  • You know that your people are waiting for you, and the service you provide is needed, respected, and valuable…but you don’t know how to sell it.
  • You are someone who likes to have accountability, structure, feedback, and some hand-holding when needed.
  • You struggle with attracting enough clients to sustain your desired lifestyle, and the stress is taking its toll on you.
  • You long for freedom with time and money, and the security of knowing your business is thriving without you having to be in constant hustle mode.

It all comes down to my Signature Process.

My signature ROOTS system was the result of having to build my business from scratch with very few clients and a pretty hefty debt from all my trainings & certifications.  

I’ve used the ROOTS process for my own business (and for hundreds of my coaching clients) to create more revenue without more work


Realize who you are, what you have to offer, and how to talk about it


Opportunities available to you NOW, with the strategy to get them!


Offer a package, program, or signature talk aligned with you


Tools and systems to help you get what you need most efficiently


Sales techniques & strategies that feel heart-centered

ROOTS will help you work smarter, not harder.

How? Here’s the thing. You’re the expert, yes. But you are also a business owner! Without sales, you have no business.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

It doesn’t have to feel sleazy.

You don’t have to be sales-y.

You get to be YOU.

Instead of hiding parts of your personality, you’ll learn the power behind your personal presence and the unsaid energy that is in your space.

When that energy is clear from distraction, clear from worry, free from anxiety about what others might be thinking and saying – that’s when you stand in the center of your truth, and from that place, you are the most magnetic woman imaginable.

People are naturally drawn to you, drawn to your service and completely in line with the results you can create for them. Your clients feel like friends, and appreciate your work.

You’ve got time and money to take vacations.

You’ve got money to be philanthropic without worry.

The results you help create speak for themselves; referrals are flowing in and a waitlist to work with you has been started!

Cha-Ching! A life of freedom awaits you.

Now you probably want to get to know ME.

My beginnings as a certified life coach were a bit rough. I hired the wrong mentor and spent $25,000 before realizing we weren’t a good fit. After earning only $2500 in return, I knew I had to find a better way. That better way was understanding marketing and sales – but with a heart-centered approach.

I’ve been in the coaching industry for a long time, and I’ve noticed that many programs skip over teaching about sales. But let’s face it: you can have a great sales funnel, or a great talk you’ve prepared with an offer for consultations. But if you don’t know how to sell someone into your package, program or service, you’re still not going to make much money.

I’m on a mission to help change that.

Once I learned how to master the art of sales, my solopreneur business made it to 6-figures.  And I want that for you.

I’m so passionate about this work — especially for women — because we are still consistently underpaid and undervalued compared to men. While we can’t control what we make in a corporate job, we can control what we make in our own businesses!

After learning to master the art of sales, my income more than doubled from what it had been when I was a teacher. And it continues to grow as I continue to grow.

What sets my coaching apart?

My Signature ROOTS System

I’ve developed my Signature System to ensure the foundation of your business is rooted in success so that it can withstand the tests of time.

We tackle every angle

My service is the Yin & Yang of business. I address both the outer game strategies needed to make money, and the inner game of energetics so that you increase your magnetic presence and attract the attention you want.

Focus on Female Business Owners

Men and women do business differently. I focus on helping women because we have unique problems.

We tend to undervalue ourselves, thereby undercharging and giving away too much for free. I help you uncover that for yourself so you can spot it and change it immediately.

Giving you that Tough Love

I’m not going to coddle you. I’m a no-bullshit coach who will lovingly push against your limits and challenge your beliefs so we can get you the results you’re looking for.

What’s my experience?

  • I’ve led sales teams that have sold over $5 million in coaching programs. I know how to sell your service and will teach you how to do so confidently.
  • I’m a certified coach and am a Level 2 Art of Feminine Presence teacher.
  • I have a BA in psychology and an MA in education and have over 9 years of experience in adult education. 
  • I’ve invested hundreds of hours and over $120,000 in training and personal development so that I’m up-to-date and always improving myself and what I offer.
  • I am the co-founder of The Launch Squad, an online marketing agency that helps coaches launch their programs with full support every step of the way. You’re not meant to do all of this on your own.
  • I know how to build a 6-figure business, and if that’s what you want, I’ll show you how.

Fun Random Facts

  • Leo-Virgo cusp
  • 1 on the Ennegram
  • Myers Briggs: ESTJ
  • Favorite ⁠🍦: mint chocolate chip
  • Favorite color: green (I’m 100% Irish American! ☘️)
  • I’m a huge snow lover! Snowboarding, X-country skiing, snow angel making
  • I have a collie-hound pup named Annie. She is what you call a ‘foster fail,’ meaning I wouldn’t give her back. 😍 She chose me, actually. It’s a good story for someday.
  • I love to wear amazing outfits pulled together by cute shoes!
  • I’m grateful to be so close with my family and to have a few amazing friends. 
  • The first thing I want when I get out of bed is my cup of coffee.  That first sip of the day (in a cute coffee mug!) is something I treasure.
  • I appreciate aesthetics and looking good. Every item in my house was chosen carefully. Color and beauty in all things makes me happy.
  • I can’t live without vacations — I know, because I used to live without them and I was miserable. Everyone needs a break every now and then. This Colorado gal says, “Take me to the beach!”
  • I love weeding the garden. When my hands touch the earth, I’m immediately at peace.
  • I have a woo side — I love crystals, oracle cards, binaural beats and energy healing sessions. I love following the cycles of the moon and yes, I’ll even howl at it.
  • I’m a hippie at heart.
What are you waiting for?
Let’s turn you into a Sales Superstar!

What are you waiting for?
Let’s turn you into a
Sales Superstar!

Ready to ROCK your next Launch?

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Working with Katie has given me more confidence in myself as an entrepreneur and has helped me believe that I have the ability to transition from educator to coach. Katie has a direct and encouraging coaching style – she is highly attuned with people and her superpower is making you feel really heard and included by building on ideas and encouraging others in the group to participate. Working with the group has given me the energy and accountability to pursue my vision.



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