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My Big Why

I'm often asked why I have such a narrow focus on who my ideal clients are (coaches and wellness practitioners) -- truth is, there IS a reason for my choice, and lately it's been coming up over and over again, so it must be time for me to take a stand for what I truly...

How to Get More Leads In Your Business: Part 1

I've been asking other coaches and wellness practitioners where their best source of leads is, because I've become quite bothered by a certain approach that I've been inundated with, both on LinkedIn and on FB messenger. It's akin to cold calling. These people want to...

You get what you pay for: Part 2

I mentioned in my last post how I had made a few mistakes along the way with regards to investing in my business. I wanted to share a story with you and give you a few key takeaways -- into which I'll dive more deeply during tomorrow's FB live in our Wealthy Holistic...

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