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Below is a picture of the “fruits of my labor” for gardening this year. To be fair, I actually did pretty well with my cherry tomatoes, but I ate them as they ripened so I have no photos.

So, what you see here is one yellow pepper (that was supposed to be red) and a baby green bell pepper because a squirrel knocked it to the ground before it was ready.

That’s all I got.

Here’s where I invested my time, energy, attention and money:

✅ At least 10 large bags of organic soil and nutrients
✅ Planter bags (the soil in my yard is dead)
✅ Watering
✅ 4 bell pepper plants
✅ 4 green bean plants
✅ 4 sugar snap pea plants
✅ 8 cherry tomato plants

When you look at the pic below, it’s a bit sad, eh? After all the investments I made, here’s what I got to eat:

So what the heck does this have to do with you?

Well, my gardening results didn’t quite pan out as planned, even though I did everything right.

And that’s been the case for some launches I’ve hosted, too.

You might relate…

✅ Investing your time, energy, attention and money to produce a launch you were super proud of
✅ Showing up day in and day out, giving it your all
✅ Seeing signs of audience growth and nurturing those leads

But at the end of the day, your results looked a lot like my peppers: not what you expected.

But you did everything right! So what gives?

And then your mind might go into the blame game.

😡 Your coach’s strategy didn’t work.
😡 Your ads manager messed up.
😡 Your VA made a mistake.
😡 Your tech broke down.

But hopefully you realize, the blame game doesn’t help either.

Here’s what does help.

Do a launch debrief. An objective glance (look at the numbers, not how you feel about them) at registration numbers, show up numbers, clicks to the sales page, email clicks and sales percentages gives you a clear view of what happened.

It also helps paint of picture of what needs to change.

It could be that your audience simply needs to get bigger. What can you do to change that?

It could be that your show up rate needs to improve. What can you do to change that?

It could be that your sales page didn’t convert. What can you do to change that?

The lesson here is sometimes we don’t get what we think we deserve.

It doesn’t have to mean anything.

I’m not a terrible gardener. You’re not a terrible coach.

The only way we truly fail is if we give up.

Everything else is a lesson, a gift, more clarity.

Remember, launches aren’t the only way to make money.

You have the ability to make money

Remember that.

YOU have the power to succeed, and I believe in you.

Just don’t give up.

I’ll be planting a garden next year… in a new home, with better soil. I’ve learned that sugar snap peas don’t love sunshine all day. I’ve learned that my beans need to be tended to almost every day. I’ve learned that peppers need more room to grow.

So I will try again, and I hope you do, too.

Many coaches say they launched 6 times, and failed… and THEN had the launch of their dreams. And then they scaled that to beyond their dreams.

You know how they got there? They never gave up.

We won’t either.

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