Glowing Praise

Hear all about how I helped some of my incredible clients grow their businesses, gain confidence and absolutely Rock their Sales

My business is so much stronger as a result of working with Katie.

I had a beyond 5-figure month the last month we worked together, and I think that says a lot. Not only has my business been monetarily successful, but I've also been more confident in closing a higher percentage of consultations.

~ Chris Castillo

Career Clarity Coach, Empowered Achievers

Katie is extremely thorough…

Before talking with Katie, I was feeling drained and knew I needed to change my mindset around sales, because if I didn’t, it’d be hard to sell anything!

Katie is so awesome, this is a lady who knows her stuff. She gets right in there with you and pays very close attention. She is extremely thorough, as a result she picks up on the most minute details. She recognizes you for work well done, but also encourages you to make adjustments where necessary, offering suggestions and support along the way.

I feel much more confident in my ability to enroll new clients after working with Katie.  If you are looking for an amazing business/sales coach with a great spirit that will give you what you need when you need it …it's Katie!

~ Joy Walters-Kidd

She's the real deal…

Katie Collins knew what the evolved business woman inside me looked like  even before I decided to fully embrace that version of myself.

Katie has been my business coach for 2 years and has been a key inspiration for  my business success. We began with the basics, like niche (and then niche switch).

Each step of the way, Katie offered her best tips, expert knowledge, and support, which led to my first 5 figure month! She helped me craft the offer for my first 10k plus program, and it made the difference between uncertainty and receiving a “YES” from my client!

My business success has  Katie MF Collins infused into it. She’s the real deal.

~ Lucia Paxton

Pleasure Instigator and cofounder of Luscious L.O.V.E. Life

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