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I’m often asked why I have such a narrow focus on who my ideal clients are (coaches and wellness practitioners) — truth is, there IS a reason for my choice, and lately it’s been coming up over and over again, so it must be time for me to take a stand for what I truly believe in.

I believe so wholeheartedly in the power of transformational coaching and healing. I believe that our environments, the humans in our lives, and food choices we make are all contributing factors to the root cause of whatever ‘illness’ is showing up in our bodies.

I really want to see Americans shift away from the perspective that they can only choose health care covered by their insurance. We are no longer protected by our insurance agencies. And we spend so much out-of-pocket anyway, only to reach the maximum by the end of each year and start again from $0 in January!

The same thinking is around mental health — people opt for therapy over coaching, because that’s what insurance will cover. Sometimes, they don’t even get to choose to work with someone they like! Imagine digging into your deepest, darkest moments with a person you don’t enjoy spending time with! Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that coaching is better than therapy. For some, therapy is what’s necessary. But for many, a coach could also help create amazing shifts in your life!

If you think about it, your auto insurance doesn’t pay for maintenance. You still have to pay out-of-pocket for your oil changes. What’s the difference with your health? Why not see that the insurance is there for us for catastrophic events and illness — why wait until then? Why not choose WELLNESS instead of sickness?

Instead, I believe in paying out-of-pocket for what we need to heal from the inside out. I believe in functional nutrition. I believe in transformational coaching. I believe in the skillset of trained practitioners who can help me heal WAY more than I believe in the advice of doctors, insurance providers, and our American food pyramid.

So that’s why I like to help those coaches and wellness practitioners build their business, spread their message, and help more people. I believe whole-heartedly in the power behind what each one offers and feel so passionate about helping those women overcome their resistance to self-promotion and their fear of sales, so they can finally attract a full load of clients and make a much bigger impact as a result.

This is THE time for Western women. Right now.

Care to join me this month? 5 days each week for the next month, I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook where I’ll be sharing business tips, wellness tips, interviewing other coaches and wellness practitioners, and opening up this important conversation.

Each day, you can find me on my business page Coach Katie Collins. I’ll be going LIVE at 8:30 am Mountain Time each day. We’ll get started on Monday — I’ll send you reminders because I’d really love to see you there!


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