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I’ve been doing a ton of connection calls lately — do you do those? I used to think they were a waste of time, but I’m realizing how wrong I was!

It’s been a fabulous way to get to know other women business owners, and I’m finding it to build greater connection than networking alone.

Anyway, a few times now this topic has come up as a bit of frustration for the ladies I’ve been talking to — and I totally get it, I’ve been there to!

It’s about how to stay focused on their vision when they need money NOW.

I gave them some tips that helped me when I had that problem, and I thought they may be helpful to you.

1. Avoid the mistake of focusing on the LACK of money. Instead, look for evidence that there’s always money available. For example, I started noticing and appreciating refunded funds back into my account. I looked at credit that was still available to me, instead of the debt I had been carrying. This helped ease my mind — I would survive this.

2. Keep a notebook at your desk, and start a new page each day. Date the entry, and list the top 3 goals you are focusing on. Below that, list the 3 actions steps you need to take that day to advance those goals forward. (These don’t always have to be business-related! One of my goals was to make time for a social life, and for dating, so my action step was related to that.)

3. For the immediate need of money, I recently recorded a FB Live for that in my group. Check it out here… you’ll need a way to take notes, and about 30 minutes of your time.

Don’t worry –this too shall pass!

Rachael Jayne Groover reminds us that our bank account is a reflection of our past — so if we want to show results that are different than what we created in our past, it requires us to stay in possibility thinking.

What’s possible for you? By knowing your goals, you are declaring what’s possible.

Keep going, I believe in you!


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