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I mentioned in my last post how I had made a few mistakes along the way with regards to investing in my business. I wanted to share a story with you and give you a few key takeaways — into which I’ll dive more deeply during tomorrow’s FB live in our Wealthy Holistic Solopreneur Sisters group.

I share this with you in the hopes you won’t make the same mistake as me.

I have needed a new website for a few years now. By the time my site was redesigned to be mobile-friendly in 2015, I already didn’t like it. But I didn’t want to invest in an entire overhaul because I knew I wasn’t ready for a rebrand, so figured it was ‘good enough.’

Once my rebrand was complete, I still didn’t want to invest in a fancy “thousands of dollars” site. I had other financial priorities (namely, paying down the debt I had already incurred) and I just didn’t want to pull out the credit card again.

So I hired a friend to put together a $500 site for me. She did exactly what we agreed upon, but the end result wasn’t something I wanted to put out there as a reflection of me.

You see, my brand is all about the word ‘excellence.’ That’s a quality in my archetype, in my personality and in how I do business. And the $500 website didn’t scream ‘excellence’ to me.

I realized I had been making decisions all wrong! I was investing inside my comfort zone. I didn’t want to incur more debt, so I was trying to do it another way.

But by saving money, I was doing a disservice to my brand, to my potential clients and to my business! (BTW, you’re currently on my brand-spanking-new ‘thousands of dollars’ website that I love! Yay!)

I realized my current comfort zone is my current income zone.

And it was time to invest outside of my comfort zone so that my business could grow beyond where I am today.

I want to keep this email relatively short, but boy do I have lots of other stories where I found a ‘cheaper’ service — and I got what I paid for, literally.

My intention for you is that you realize where you’re holding back in terms of the next big investment you’ll need to make.

Instead of starting by looking for the price you want, I suggest you start with the end in mind.

What do you want this next step to be able to do for you?
What will it help you create in your business?

And then be sure to select THE PERFECT fit for you to get the job done well…and right the first time.

Because you’ll honestly spend more time and more money trying to correct the first decision you made…if you made it based on money alone.

So if you need a mindset shift with this, join me tomorrow at 4:00 Mountain Time in my Facebook Group where I’ll share with you a few other examples of where I based decisions solely on money, and how well that worked out… AND we’ll talk about how to make a decision for a solution that will get your needs met the first time.

Hope you’ll join me! Join Wealthy Holistic Solopreneur Sisters here. I’m in there each day sharing valuable content and starting discussions. I’d love to have you!


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