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There’s a common myth I’d love to debunk for you today when it comes to increasing your revenue. It’s this:

The product / service is great, and it will sell itself when people find out about it.

<<Insert buzzer sound here>> Nope. Not at all true. (Don’t we wish it were!)

Here’s the thing.

If you answered to yourself the question I posed in the subject line, “Why isn’t your business making more money?” — it could have to do with one of these common reasons:

1. You’re just getting started and don’t know what to do so that you’re finding the right people to get in front of.

2. Your conversion rate needs to be higher; you need to improve your sales skills.

3. You don’t have enough leads coming in.

4. You know you need to raise your rates, but some people already can’t afford you, so you’re afraid to take the leap.

5. What else? Reply and let me know what you think is stopping you, and I promise to reply with some words of wisdom to (hopefully) help you get unstuck!

What’s important to remember is this:

It could be that you need to work on all of the above!

And it could be that only small tweaks or pivots need to be made.

But if you are following the myth that your product or service is going to sell itself because your work is powerful and transformational… you’re going to continue to be stuck, waiting for the cash sales to roll in.

The key is to identify the holes in your business, and in your strategy.

Want some help identifying the holes?

Email me back and let me know and we’ll chat about it!

What I want for you is to make as much money as you’d like. It’s okay if $10K/months feel like a pipe dream (they aren’t, I promise!) and it’s okay if you’d like to make even more than $10K/ month.

But let’s figure out why you’re not there yet…and fix it!


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