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I was at a networking event today and we were discussing challenges when it came to sales. What was interesting was each person I spoke to today said their challenge was more about getting leads.

It reminded me of my client, “Jen” (not her real name because I don’t have permission to share this particular story).

Jen was facing some financial stress (you know, when bad things happen in 3s? — her car broke down, her daughter needed extra money for an extracurricular activity, and then her water heater needed to be replaced. Ugh, right!?)

So we started with the question: What opportunities are available to Jen right now?

She decided to create a workshop 14 days out and asked some friends / power partners to help her market it.

Then she wrote a Facebook post (on her personal wall) that told a transformational story around her target market, and asked for her friends to share that post far and wide so that it would reach the right people. At the end of the post she had a call-to-action to book a free consultation with her.

Finally, she has a friend who hosts a podcast, so Jen asked if she could be featured as a guest, sooner than later. The friend agreed, and within 2 weeks, the podcast recording was posted.

These three actions made Jen $7500 that month AND it set her up for things to come.

Here’s how:

Her workshop had 10 attendees; 5 opted for her free consultation and she signed up 2 clients that week, totaling $5K in sales.

Her FB post led to 3 consultations, and she signed up an additional client at $2500…bringing her grand total to $7500!! It was actually her best month ever at that point, but she’s far surpassed that now.

The podcast didn’t bring her any sales (yet) but it did open up 2 new opportunities for her to be guests on other people’s podcasts — her personal story is so good!

I share this story with you because it can feel so stressful when you feel like you don’t have any leads, but the thing is, you can ALWAYS create more.

And honestly, when you bring that kind of energy into your business — it almost always comes back in the form of income.

It’s the stuck energy that keeps us… well, stuck.

So if you’re in need of leads, give one or all three of these strategies a try. Or what else can you come up with?

If you’re feeling stuck and needing inspiration + action…

I’ll be doing a FB Live in my group tomorrow where I’ll share 5 ideas with you that will generate leads for your coaching or wellness business. You can join that group here.

See you tomorrow, and in the meantime, go get ’em, Sister!


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